Reconnect to Purpose and Passion

 One on One Coaching for Mindful Leadership

Executive coaching allows you to learn about your dreams and your business challenges.  Coaching allows you as a leader to further your own learning quickly, while getting a different picture of what’s going on in your organization, especially with respect to how people experience you and your team.

A variety of tools such as: Surveys, Audits, 360’s, Focus and Discovery Interviews can provide rich information from which to begin conversations and make decisions.  We can help you with many different types of reporting and feedback tools. We can discuss what information and data could be helpful in each situation.

As a start, I encourage you to fill out the form to the right and take my free Barrett Values Center Leadership Values Assessment (which includes a free consultation with me—a great place to start and see if we are a good match), this will help us determine how you might want to change in areas that are not meeting expectations, and grow in areas that are of interest to the you and your circle of influence.

Entrepreneurs who are in any stage of building a mindful business and culture will benefit from this same process of assessment and personalized development through one on one coaching.

To get a “taste” of the information that the Barrett assessments can provide, please feel free to take the free Personal Values Assessment.

–Sue B.

"Thanks for the amazing coaching Gayle... hoping others find you and give themselves the gift of working with you to transform their professional and personal lives."

–Sarah L.

"Thank you tremendously for your advice, listening and support!!! I've even had two major breakthroughs since our call and I have a fantastic, actionable action plan."