Our times demand that we utilize the whole of our human potential in order to solve personal and global problems.  The future demands training in the entirety of our innate capacity – what I am calling “creative intelligence,” and the development of tools and promoting awareness of the potential within each of us to function as fully authentic beings.

We could use the analogy of a car that requires four cylinders to be firing simultaneously for peak performance.  Two of these cylinders are right- and left-brain function, analytical and creative/intuitive thinking processes.  Using both hemispheres of the brain results in understanding the interrelatedness of each of us to each other and of events past, present, and future to decisions that are made right now. 

Creative intelligence integrates two more cylinders, dimensions of the heart (compassion) and the development of emotional intelligence (emotional competency related to practicing mindfulness ). When the heart wakes up in joy it naturally radiates compassion and warmth to self and others.  Emotional intelligence guides us in all of our activities and relationships. 

When awakened, the four components of creative intelligence will enable each individual to tap into their authentic being and weave their special thread into a tapestry of society.  This will enrich each family, the culture of each organization, and our greater global community. This wholeness, when expressed by the individual, will radiate and ignite others’ quest for wholeness and in that way we create a healthy society.

Creative intelligence, the hidden jewel within our being, lies at the core of each of us, and awakens when we call into service at once our intuition, our intellect, our compassionate heart, and natural inspiration to express. In other words, we can talk about each of these human attributes as separate doors we can open, but the power of creative intelligence is ignited only when all four doorways are open simultaneously. 

When all four cylinders are firing simultaneously that is when the magic, the alchemical transformation, happens and creative intelligence is ignited. Creative intelligence becomes a portal to authentic being, that which is our natural “human being-ness”. When we let that jewel of creative intelligence shine forth by opening all of the gateways, we ignite spontaneously. Like the sun, our life shines out, and is experienced as fundamental health, harmony, happiness, and radiant confidence. That is the experience of authenticity.